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- from Mad Monks and Englishmen, A Scenario for 23rd Parallel's Luther Arkwright Role Playing Game, re-published on Bryan Talbot's official website EARTH-127 (Brother Mutant, Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto, Mesmero, Quicksilver, Scarlet Warlock, Wolverine) - Scarlet Warlock's attempts to transfer Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton into Magneto resulted in a full merging of Magneto & Wolverine, and then Mesmero, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Warlock -- Brother Mutant; when the Time-Breakers sent legions of Wolverines in to defeat them, multiple groups fell under Brother Mutant's sway; eventually the regular Exiles were sent to oppose Brother Mutant, though the Wolverines and Elsie Dee finished him off --Exiles#85 (86Earth-155 Reed Richards & Hank Pym initiated Superhuman Registration Act with Tony Stark; Hank died of an aneurysm two days after the law was enacted; Reed convinced everyone of the Acts necessity.

(identified/referenced, but not seen) Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode #13, "Game Over for Owlman" (March 6th 2009)Earth-185 (Parallel England No.

Big, Montana, Harry Osborn, Osborn Industries, Ox; Ben(d) May Parker, Professor X, Punisher, Quicksilver, Red Devils, Jim Rhodes, Joe Robertson, Gen.

Ross, Ryker's Island, Sabretooth, Savage Land, Scarlet Witch, Sentinels, Shaw, Shocker, Spider-Man, Captain and Gwen Stacy, Stark Industries, Storm, Flash Thompson, Toad, Bolivar Trask, Ben Urich, MJ Watson, Weapon X Project, Wolverine, John Wraith, X-Men, Xavier Institute) -alternate earth EARTH-1610* (ME, FFE)--Ultimate Spider-Man#1 (2-5 Ultimate X-Men#1-5 (Dr.

Pym, android Human Torch, Iron Man (Stark), USAgent, Wasp, Wonder-Man), Ebony, Agatha Harkness, Master Pandemonium, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Thomas William) - alternate earth in which Vision not dismantled and reprogrammed; Agatha Harkness preserved the lives of Thomas and William; Peter David says he never heard of the story, so it did not influence his Last Avengers Story (app)--Avengers West Coast Annual#7/2 (EARTH-Wakanda destroys the global economy - alternate future in which Black Panther's plot against Killmonger resulted in crash of world economy -div Black Panther III#19 Earth-107342*--Avengers III#42 (42(ff13) (Punisher defeated) - divergent form in which Wolverine slew Punisher first, part of Time Quake, during the events of Inferno, saved from demons by Mr.

Sinister in exchange for vampires being exiled from earth, after which Sinister replaced them with clones of their original selves "EARTH-9250" (app)--What If? Strange, Eternals, Fantastic Four (Ben Grimm, Alicia Masters Grimm, Brothers Grimm, Marvels), Nick Fury LMDs, Gambit(d), Gargoyle(d), Goblin, Hulk Banner, Inhumans(Black Bolt, Gorgon, Karnak, Luna, Triton ), Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Avengers(Clint, Hank, Jan, Pietro, Vision, Wanda), Iron Maiden, John Jonah Jameson, Leader(d), Loki, Magneto, Mar-Vell, Multiple Man/Wendigo, Namor the Cursed, Nightcrawler(d), Nighthawk, Kitty Pryde, Red Guard, Redwing/Wyatt Wingfoot, Sue Richards, Gen.Wilcox-Smyth) -alternate earth, destroyed by Mandragon in attempt to eliminate the threat of Mad Jim Jaspers and the Fury -EARTH-Mad Jim Jaspers, CROOKED WORLD (app)--Marvel Super-Heroes (UK)#377(388(fb) 387(fb)/Daredevils#7(fb), MSH377-384 Appears to be on fire.

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deltid sub Ui arbeta *- work part-time Hakparentes [ ] Fyrkantig parentes anvands kring uttalsbeteckning, China ptjamo] Kina Rund parentes ( ) Rund parentes anvands a) kring ord elier ordgrupper som kan ersatta narmast foreg^ende ord (synonym elier alternativ): daytime f'dcitaim] dag; in the ~ e U during the * cm (p S) dagen b) kring uppgift om bdjning elier annan grammaiisk upplysning: beat I [bi:t] (beat beaten) verb 1 sl£ s piska Piggpa rentes [ ] Piggparentes anvands kring konstruktionsmonsrer elier belysande exempel.… continue reading »

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Silver's photographs and vivid account of the fire and Oceania poor handling of the aftermath. These images belied Oceania's press statement that "our top priority is ensuring all 656 guests return home as quickly and comfortably as possible." Cruise lines like Oceania don't like bad press. Silver tried to book his next cruise with Oceania on the last August, he received a phone call from a cruise line representative. Silva said that “they told me ‘you’re banned for life.’ Why am I banned? When the newspaper called Oceania for an explanation, Tim Rubacky, the head of public relations for Oceania Cruises, denied that the cruise line was punishing Mr.… continue reading »

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Mr Meredith said Bago also assaulted one woman on the train, and followed others outside the station as they walked to their cars, or walked home from work.… continue reading »

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