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26-Feb-2016 21:41

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This book focuses on women’s right and shows the way women should do to deal with their men in their lives.

A government agent was convicted of a crime against US government which he did not really commit.

Take as a spoof on dating life for singles in New York - and on men and women's idiosyncrasies - but by no means take it as reality. If you want reality then get your hiney off the couch and go live your life and stop complaining about how trivial and unrealistic TV shows are!!!!

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For those that think that it send the wrong message about sex, it's not an after school special and there is no reason to remind a thirty-something year old to practice safe sex. I do not understand the point of watching the show if one does not like it.

It's the TV show executives and cast that end up laughing all the way to the bank - while those sitting on their couches, complaining, are simultaneously boosting the shows ratings.

I am only a recent viewer of the show, now running on TBS - so I get the watered-down version, which is still quite enjoyable.Family Watchdog is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area.