Uk sex scandal david cameron

26-May-2016 00:45

In addition, Charlie Elphicke who has been suspended from the party and referred to police.A Conservative spokesman said: 'The chief whip has referred Daniel Kawczynski to the party's new disciplinary committee for further investigation'A source close to the woman said Kawczynski's alleged behaviour had been 'sleazy in the extreme'.Trade Minister Mark Garnier is aslo being examined by the Cabinet Office.Meanwhile backbenchers Dan Poulter, Daniel Kawczynski and Stephen Crabb are subject to party probes.He is the latest politician to be named in the sleaze scandal that is sweeping across Westminster.

She deserves privacy, just like any other victim.'Kawczynski - who advised then-Prime Minister David Cameron on Eastern Europe - is understood to have admitted that he asked the woman to have coffee with his contact.

No complaint has yet been lodged against Chris Pincher despite allegations against him in today's papers.

Sir Michael Fallon's shock resignation has effectively ended investigation into him.

Daisy Goodwin, the creator of hit ITV series Victoria, said an official touched her breast after a discussion of a proposed TV programme.

Mr Cameron said he was “alarmed and shocked” to hear her allegations and immediately contacted the Cabinet Office to voice his concern.

Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski is said to have approached the woman in 2013 on behalf of a contact from overseas who had seen her in Parliament.