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All correlative tissue examinations confirmed an abnormality. The remaining 10 cases were cellular but were mainly cervical/endo-cervical samples.

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In 42 cases, cytology diagnoses could be compared to histology diagnoses.

Gynecor fixative can be used for both histology and cytology.

According to Gynecore's website, "Cytologies are very important because they add about 20 % more information than is obtained with just the histology.

On a case-by-case basis, any one cytology slide accurately represented the diagnosis of the other cytology slides.

The authors concluded that endometrial brushing with suspension fixation is Maksem (1998) also reported on a case of ciliated endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, diagnosed by endometrial brush biopsy and confirmed by histology.

Although the brush appears to be as effective or better than other blind methods of endometrial sampling, these devices have been evaluated in only a few studies with small numbers of subjects (Tao, 1995; Tao, 1997; Critchley et al, 2004; Yang et al, 2002; Del Priore et al, 2001; Yang and Wan, 2000; Maksem et al, 2000).

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