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08-May-2016 23:01

Both are banned under Sections 205–206 of the Crimes Act 1961.In jurisdictions where same-sex marriage proper exists, bigamous same-sex marriages fall under the same set of legal prohibitions as bigamous heterosexual marriages.As yet, there is no case law applicable to these issues.Having multiple non-marital partners, even if married to one, is legal in most U. jurisdictions; at most it constitutes grounds for divorce if the spouse is non-consenting, or feels that the interest in a further partner has destabilized the marriage.Thus, a person may refer to a live-in partner as their primary partner, and a lover whom they only see once a week as their secondary partner, in order to differentiate to the listener who is who.While such labels can be used as a tool to manage multiple relationships as an intimate network, includes relationships that are of varying significance to the people involved, but are not explicitly labeled as "primary" or "secondary".

This has always been consistent part of Co S policy since its inception in 1966, as Peter H.

Some bigamy statutes are broad enough to potentially encompass polyamorous relationships involving cohabitation, even if none of the participants claim marriage to more than one partner.

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