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08-Aug-2016 21:45

Dickson continues to say that Kim Kardashian completely denied that she was the person in the footage and all this while still crying.

According to Mart Singer, about Kim and Lachey’s photograph, the paparazzi were following on Nick Lachey’s due to the huge media interest in his love life and that Kim Kardashian was not involved in any way with the paparazzi in question for them to take the photos.Vivid Entertainment co-chairman and founder, Steven Hirsch, says that while in office, they received a call from unknown person who told them that he was in procession of a celebrity sex footage.He says that one of the staff who received the call set up a date to meet the said person and talk about the video.He says that it to used to be and is still his habit to peruse the news about Australia and that shortly before the news about this sex tape was leaked, while reading the Sydney Morning Herald, and the paper contained a story about Paris Hilton visiting Sydney.

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He says that his attention was caught by this picture of Paris Hilton together with this not so known friend of her called Kim Kardashian who was photographed on Bondi beach.She told him to keep an eye on the latest developments and on anyone who may start to offer this footage’s clips or a person who may try to offer any form of proof showing that indeed Kim Kardashian was the one this footage and that he should call them in case of any developments.

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