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Retaining his teaching activities along with his administrative position, he carried the same qualities into the classroom. Moulding lives and furthering knowledge were his life works. Persons, Dean of Admissions, obtained her A.l^ and M. World War II and the Korean conflict brought brief interruptions in his educational career with active duty in the United States Naval Reserve. The School of Medicine, established in 1930, has a high rating and reputation. Davison, Dean of the School, holds degrees from Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and O.xtord Universities. Stansbury, Pro- fessor of Law at Duke since 1946, is Dean of the School of Law, a member of the Association of American Law Schools. Duke Professorships in 1952 to give kirrher recognition to a few of the more noted mem- bers of its faculty and to bring to the University other distinguished scholars and scientists. Davison, Professor of Pediatries, serves as Dean of the School of Aledicine. His second military assignment ended in 1952, and he resumed duties as instructor of French in the Romance Languages Department. from (^)lumbia, served as House (Counselor m Brown before becoming . Lionel Stevenson, Pro- fessor of English, is a specialist in nineteenth-century English litera- ture. Alarkee, Professor of Anatomy, has done extensive research in the held ot polio. C^leland, Professor of Preaching and Dean of the Chapel, has served Duke since 1945. Shelton Smith, Professor of American Religious Thought, held the Hrst chair of its kind in an American theological seminary. Hoover, Professor of Economics, is a former Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and was a member of the President's Advisory Committee on Foreign Aid in 1947. Scelcy, Professor of E^lectrical Engineering, is Dean of the College of Engi- neering and conducted research for the Navy during both wars, serving as president of the Navy Ordnance Laboratory 'lechnical Reserve in 1945. Ski-hv ir ot I Icctrical I'ngiiieenng 69 Cmakms 1.. A l)an(|uer and dinner-tlanee concluded the Ncar's activities for this well-known and outstanding musical organization. Bryan Director of the Marching Band f^ci 220 RADIO COUNCIL The Radio C'ouncil of Duke L'ni\crsir\ supervises, maintains, and handles all broad governing powers of VVDBS. Radio ("ouncil again proved a vital and beneficial part ot the WDBS family. The stati' of A\'DBS worked together to WDBS The men who manage Duke's radio station WDBS, keeping it on the air fourteen and one-half hours a day are: Fngineering Manager Joe l.i zenich. bring rlu'ir listeners the best m class- ical, popular, and "srud\"" nuisic, new s every hour via the United Press, feati Mcs with top campus personalities, and coverage ot all Duke basketball games and the home baseball games. The Band's activities also includeil trips to and performances at several a\a\ foorball games. These changes in- cluded broadcasting to a larger campus audience, purchasing new equipment, increasing broad- casting time, and improving program presen- tations. Managed by Bob Brubaker, WDBS was on the air 14^2 hours a da- this \ear and again rated with the nation's top ten college radio stations. degrees from Duke, where she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

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Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering is Robert Seaman Rowe, who holds degrees from the University of Delaware, Yale University and Columbia University. Vail, Chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department, holds degrees from Duke and the University- of Michigan and is a former consultant with the U.

The Radio C'ouncil is composed of members of both student body and faculty. are shown seated around the table from left tn ng,ht: B. WDBS piped dinner music daih' to the West (ampus Union.

This group supervises the election of officers for WDBS, the appropriation of funds for large expendi- tures, and the formulation of station policy toward major issues. The members of the Radio Council, which governs the policies of VV'BDS. Production Manager Pete Yoars, Station Manager Boli Popular shows included Mcrrinhu\ which became famous for its take- offs on various aspects of Duke life; the Sunda\' afternoon Opera Hull of the Air; Flying Saucers, which featured the nation's weekh' top ten hits according to Billboard magazine, and the Ui/iirrsity Hw/r of classical music.

Duke Professors Department Heads Alumni Department House Counselors Sophomores mm \')) -i 1 ki^"*^'' 1 ORGANIZATIONS 156 | ^- '1 Student Government 1 ^ R ]^| Religious U Kf A^^^l Publications } Bl^l^^R Engineering ^ ^'*i9'B'' i UV^H Student Activities 4 Militnrv ? C^ocke Chairman of the Board of Trustees The managcmcnr of the linancial ati'airs of Duke University is a large and difficult job.

' L'l K^ ^B 1 1^ H^^H^IHI i^^^^^^H Beauty Queens Homecoming Shoe 'n' Slipper Joe College i SPORTS 324 Major Sports Minor Sports Men's Intramural Sports Women's Sports Women's Intramural Sports HONORARIES All Campus Engineering Departmental m^atim The Tinies I Freshman! This task is ably carried out by a group ot well-qualified men, the Board of Trustees.

The Department established, in 1946, the Duke Uni- versity National Cxnincil, whose purpose it is to institute a program to inform alumni and friends of the Uni\ersit\ of the needs of the institution and to institute a program of annual donations by alumni atui triends. Without impo- sition, these persons are eager to discuss in confidence any prob- lems or opinions felt by the girls.