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27-Mar-2016 21:23

Cool Although it looks like he is out of the shells, so it'll be a bare connector only. There are lots of wiring diagram floating about if you google it - this one should be pretty clear: https://se/rgb-to-vga/ All the ground connections can be combined, so it's really only six wires that are needed.

@marm Thanks for the link on the Ben Q, I had a look at those in the past and that is a steal of a price.

I think it can also convert DMS to ADF although I haven't managed to confirm that it works.

So far I have been putting LHAs on ADFs but actually with hindsight it's probably more sensible to unpack them with Win Rar first.

Might plug in my MIDI interface and see if anything happens, too.

Nice, good to hear that you got both the monitor and floppy drive sorted out Having just those two things makes an A500 so much nicer to use in a modern environment and the investment is not big (especially as you found the monitor at such a good price! Would be totally stuck if the kids got the magnets out again. files are similar to files in that they represent a floppy disk image. files are simply archives, like you would commonly have on a PC.

Weirdly there is no wire from the horizontal sync pin, although there are 3 or 4 "spare" wires going to various other connectors which are supposed to be "not connected" according to all the diagrams I've found online. but am guessing that the best answer at this stage is to hack apart another cable. No panic as the monitor is currently still waiting for me to pick it up from the post office, but it's a surprising one... I would imagine that horizontal sync is always needed.

Again I can't confirm how well this works but Win Rar seems to open them fine.

So I think I'm OK for getting downloaded archives to the A500!

I have a monitor that works already but its widescreen and I've always found the aspect ratio annoys me.

I have a monitor that works already but its widescreen and I've always found the aspect ratio annoys me. Found an old VGA cable and a parallel cable in the recycling pile at work and started hacking them apart.

Within Win UAE you could crank up the RAM to 8 megs or set up a virtual hard drive which would make all of this much simpler.