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25-May-2016 23:57

Prashant Paruchuri, Vice President at Veteran Supply Services in Washington D.

C, waits for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's trips to the U. He lines up along with the throng wherever Modi is speaking, knowing the Indian PM will break protocol and come to greet the crowds.

How did Modi convince Obama to do a radio show and speak with such candour?

The story of two quintessential political outsiders, one a tea vendor and the other a child brought up by a single mother, seems even more inspiring now that it is in print.

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Paruchuri, like many others in the US, now awaits Amazon to deliver the book.

With a foreword by Shinzo Abe, and recommendations by Bill Gates and Aung San Suu Kyi, the book celebrates a unique movement in participative governance.

What has Modi spoken about most in these 3 years on this platform? How many people are even aware that their Prime Minister talks to them through radio every month? Some metrics and quotes from the teams servicing the programme add colour.

The radio show, now critiqued and collated into a book, is the outcome of Team Modi's yen for communication.

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Here, every month, the PM reaffirms his craft of social messaging, he creates a space notches above the political infighting of the day.The book is key to understanding Modi’s core focus areas and governance mantras beyond all the noise of media coverage. Read at a sophisticated level, the book is a peek into a social reformer.