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15-Apr-2016 23:59

The love of this slave girl who lives to serve him, knowing if she does not do so perfectly He may rid himself of her, or worse. look within yourself and imagine you in one of these situations.To have this man be her life's breath, her food, her water, to beg of His touch without her own inhibitions, being the slut she truly wishes to be for him, to open herself so completely to the one who owns her, the one who is strong enough to force her to her knees and embrace her neck in steel. Forget all these rules and laws society as forced upon us, to forget our innermost needs, and tailor them to their wishes.

If you are a man, could you imagine being able to express yourself fully, to do as you wished, when you wished, how you wished to your woman; to kiss her, to touch her, to rape her, to share her, to own her?Now people take what they want from the books and twist it or don't tell the whole story, or they use the excuse that this is earth, we have to change this to keep it to our standards.Well, this is the reason Gor was placed on a completely different planet, so it would be taken out of the typical day to day life that society has directed and organized for us to get to the heart of the matter.And the woman, to know the Man is so pleased and strong and fulfilled in what she offers him, to know she is there to serve him.

Her feelings for him as she makes Him complete in all things, how wonderful to writhe in a Man's arms who is truly strong, who will not hold back from her, who will do as he pleases, claim her, own her?

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