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To date, the series has not reached a definite conclusion, having been left unresolved ever since the eighth title in the spin-off franchise ended with a cliffhanger.

Beginning on the in 1997, a series called Mega Man Legends was created to take advantage of the console's advanced hardware.

All series follow one continuous timeline except for and , which exist in an alternate universe (one in which network technology flourished instead of robotics technology), with Star Force occurring two centuries after the Battle Network series.

The official source book Rockman Perfect Memories outlines the Classic, X, and Legends series and makes mention of the Battle Network and Zero series (which were fairly new at the time of the book's publication).

This decision was met with mass criticism from gamers and gaming news outlets. Net Navis act as virtual assistants to Operators, such as the protagonist , an elementary school student and future hero who uses his Net Navi to help battle and other Internet-based threats.

Despite the fact that the no new games in the series had been released in years, various characters from the Legends series consistently appear in Capcom cross-over titles such as , and the Servbot characters have become iconic within the Capcom community, making many cameo appearances in non-Mega Man titles such as and is part of the outfit obtained via achievements in . The game combines elements from to create a unique fast-paced battle system.

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Chronologically after Mega Man 8 comes Mega Man & Bass, followed by Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10.For over the past 14 years, a continuation to the Legends series has become an oft-requested title among many Capcom and Mega Man fans.

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