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And she was so happy to know she had a nice neighbor just down the road. I rest assured her that if she ever needed something.

We had a nice visit, Beth informed me that she to came to the area to start over again with her life. Than I noticed that her nipples were starting to poke right through that low cut shirt she was wearing.

It will just be me and my dildos.” It was mid August. So something light and cool to wear was the ticket.

As my hand stroked my cock with it’s usual precision.

I started to fantasize again, wondering how tight her little asshole would be.

I stood there and watched her go into the kitchen to get our beers.

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Life up to this point wasn’t going all that good for me. But nothing ended up permanent I was getting to the point where I figured it was time to make a change. I moved several miles from where I had always called home.

I always wondered what it would be like to have a real cock in my ass. I thought, “this must be the next house down the road.” You see, there are just a small amount of houses along the road I live. Just to bite me or something.” And he sounded like a fairly big dog too. Then I heard a voice yell at the dog to settle down.

I started thinking, “maybe I should have just left this letter in the mailbox and called it good.” About that time, the sound of barking dog could be heard. “Good, I thought, at least he won’t be coming around the corner of the house. ” Just then, she brought me out of my quick little fantasy and said. It’s nice to know there’s still some decently in the world.” Then we introduced ourselves.

And me, sneaking a peak at her sexy body every chance I could. Just looking at me with “puppy dog eyes.” And his boner was sticking out 3-4 inches now!

I couldn’t help but notice that his red pointy dog boner was sticking out of it’s sheath a couple of inches. But I noticed that Beth was sneaking a couple of quick peaks in Max’s direction too. Beth would sneak a peak at Max’s boner every chance she could. Then all of a sudden, Max got up, walked over to me, and sat down on the floor. Beth then said, “Boy, we finished those beers in no time flat. And I all I could think about was that hot body of hers. I might as well go home and continue with my fantasy in private like usual.