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23-Mar-2016 11:25

VARS is the set of variables enclosed in parentheses.

The variables must be listed in the form Var I TO Var K ( K I) since they are used in a VECTOR LOOP programming structure.

* The current value is the largest found so set values in MAXLOC and MAX *.

* Knock out the temporary variable we have just located *.

The following is an example table that contains a list of orders.

In this example, you want to sum up the total orders for the month of March.

You can also check out previously reviewed Excel function; Logical Functions, INFO, SUMSQ, DOLLAR, SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP , PMT, and LEN.

Another desirable feature would be the ability to find the several largest or smallest values and locations in order to resolve those cases where there are ties. X is the number of largest/smallest elements to find. Through simple Excel 2010 functions you can easily find out the maximum and minimum value in the spreadsheet.