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12-Aug-2016 17:04

In She's the One (with Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz) and No Looking Back (with Lauren Holly), Burns continued the theme of urban, working-class thirtysomethings coupling and uncoupling and struggling with the question of love and how you recognise it when it arrives.

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That's why people love him so much, he's a genuine guy.'Ed Burns glows with the confident demeanour of a man for whom life is good.

A few years back she left the modelling world to take a liberal arts degree at New York University.

She is now a partner in the yoga-inspired beauty firm Sundari and president of a clothes company, Nuala.

He may have hit film stardom with the role of a lippy rifleman in Steven Spielberg's Second World War epic, Saving Private Ryan, and starred as Robert De Niro's sidekick in the high-concept thriller 15 Minutes, but for Burns, acting in movies 'is more of a job'. In the six years since he won instant acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival, when he took home the Grand Jury Prize for his directorial debut, The Brothers Mc Mullen, Burns has written, directed, produced and starred in four independent movies, co-created with his brother a television sitcom, These Are the Days, adapted a William Kennedy novel, Legs, now awaiting financing, completed several more scripts, and has formulated, he says, 'an idea about the next three movies I want to do'.

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The one prolonged break he took from directing was following the release of Private Ryan in 1998, when he was living in LA with the actress Heather Graham, the star of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

THE morning of September 11 found Ed Burns riding the subway from the uptown apartment of his fiancee, supermodel Christy Turlington, to his neighbourhood in downtown Manhattan.

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