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21-Oct-2016 14:01

Many players will bail when they see you KNOW what you want, you intend to get it, and will NOT play games.

4) Criminals in our midst Sadly, there ARE men online who wish to emotionally and/or physically harm you.

The best part of the site is how experienced the girls are.

They have even taught me a thing or two, which I didn't think was possible.

Once you try it you are hooked, it really does open you up to whole new world.

NEVER give out ANY personal information until you can PROVE this person is safe. They will tell you everything you've ever wanted to hear from a man. They will have great jobs, be well educated, and seemingly happy lives. Use your head and keep your safety first and foremost in your mind at all times. Prepare yourself and come well armed if this is where you wish to find a dominant.

And in Part III, I’ll examine the sexually passive men who paradoxically and simultaneously experience the pain and pleasure of being dominated.

Just be open with them about your desires / fantasies and they will be more than accommodating.

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Hell they have even improvised some stuff that’s now my favorite.

After my first private session I was on a sexual high ecstasy couldn't even provide.