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Es-ta va-ni-dad a-brio pri-me-ro cl co-ra-zon de los Es-pa-fio-les, y des-pues de las Es- pa-nas a los Car-ta-gi-ne-ses.

Co-men-za-ron es-tos ga-nan-do a los prin-ci-pa-les del pais con da-di-vas, y pre-sen-tes: pa-sa- ron des-pues d pe-dir se Ics per-mi-tie-se e-di-fi-car en la cos-ta al-gu-nas ca-sas pa-ra la ro-mo-di-dad de sus per-so-nas, al-g 3 J- 1- I 18 nos al-mtp QBe-nes pa-ra la se-gu-ri-dad de sus mer-ca-de-rias, y al-gu-nos tem-plos pa-ra el cul-to de sus Dio-ses.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. El defender la patria un dcber which "^ society imposes on every good citizen. Al cm- ginning I felt well; but on finishing I could not support pezar me scntin bien;pcro al acabar *|» no me podia tener. EXERCISE* Do me ^ the favor to return me the ten doubloons that Hagame Vm, el favor de dcvolvcrme los diez doblones que 1 lent ^ you in ^ Havana. no debo a Vm, nada the twenty dollars that you ask me for. ^ he encontrado «{» ciudadanos valientes Old men give good precepts and eicellent examples. he visto philosophers, courageous men and intrepid soldiers tremble filosofos animosos hombres intrepidos temblor that night. Although they might ^ perdido not have been as good soldiers. If by that time they should be more prudent, ettar necesitado, entonca I will give them what they f^uire. • kubiere n I should or shall have been hub Urtt ( .

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. if in two years we ^ dare ^ necesiten, ^ shall not be more experienced we can retire.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. If two or more nouns immediately follow each other, the first of which is used with the article, it becomes necessary in Spa- nish to repeat that article before all the succeeding ones. Bring me ^ some constdncia, valor son sus viriiidcs, Trairrome V. Chance, fortune, rirw, postrcsj pan fresca I Casnalidadj fortuna, fate and destiny govern the world, according to the opinion sutrte^ destine gobicman mundo segtm of the Turks. libra tiene quinientas patinas, Su carruage 2 'no armas. The article is omitted when we are not able or do not wish to determine an object. ^ Senor may bo placed before the title, profession, &c. At cicntos diez y ocho d los catorce ahos edad, half past six in the afternoon of the twenty-first of July, one seis y media de tarde veintt y uno thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, I entered "^ New York. The article is likewise never used, nor is the ellipsis ad- mitted, when the preposition de precedes the proper names of empires, &^c. I would do it although it should not be absolutely ne- ^ ^haria 1 ^ cessary* As if we should be so foolish as to suffer ourselves Que ^ que dejasetnos nos to be deceived. thou mightst, couldst, wouldst or shouldit have bten hubiese i **'^^ he or she might, could, would or should have been hubiese ^ wo might, could, would or should have been Plural.

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The Academy of Madrid use the accent to dis Unguish parts of speech — as will be seen by the comparative list that follows : El, the — article. Per-di-do el gtis-to i lo que es co-mun a to-dos, ha-ce re-pu-ta-cion, d gran- de-za de go-zar lo que po-se-en po-cos.

iai, iei, uai, uei, or nejr in the old or- thography. Every word terminating in a consonant has the last vowel long- ocupacion, business suavidad, soilness ladron, robber fe Uk, happy fatal, fatal nraal, nsoal ferox, wild jagar, to play qpoar, to love requebrar, to cajole asir, to seize centr, to gird peor, worse incapaz, unable Hover, to rain destratr, to destroy EXCEPTION I. The vowels, a, c, 0, u, when they are alone, are always accented. It i» written thus — cart U' IH^M^ with the iiwntga tho penultiin&. Quien o-ye-se ha-blar d los ta-ies en-ga-iio-sos bues-pe-des, cre«e-ria sin di-fi-cul-tad que a- bor-da-ban co-mo a-mi-gos, y co-mo bue-nos ve-ci-nos, sin o-tro fio que traer a Es-pa-na lo u-til, lo dul-ct, y de-lei-ta-ble, panra sa-cdr de e-lla lo su-per-fluo.