Dating men in wheelchairs

05-May-2016 02:53

If I met someone and there was a definite connection, I wouldn't let some handicap stand in the way. You have the drive to succeed and in time you will meet that special someone. ~City Woman~My favorite person to come my way from being on Po F happens to be a T6 paraplegic, in a chair for about two years since breaking his back. He is very candid regarding his situation and answers questions openly but does not expect pity nor sympathy.

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Hopefully you'll take that with how it's intended and run with it. If you make money out of it, let me know Good luck mangssmy second wife was in a wheelchair most of the time in public, int he house she could walk most, or walker, or bad days, bed to bathroom by chair. I cut it off then cause of a tangle I could not get out, I had been sick for a few days and bam tangle,, have it in a box, and have short hair, brush and go all your friends that walk, spend a day at the mall in a mall provided wheelchair and that should give them a fuller understanding of the issues.Hugs my man, and keep the rolling stock in prime working order. Im a 27 yr old male that is in a wheelchair and it seems like 90% of women im interested in either say they just want to be my friend or they say im not there type. Your not meeting women because you think you're a victim in a wheel chair who women won't adore and love, and you're blaiming the chair for shortcomings that were already present before the chair came along.Now i know that im not every girls type and yes i know im not attractive to all women but come on there has to be another reason. I assure you, women in general don't give a rat's ass about your wheel chair, as long as "you" don't give a rat's ass about it.I have been trained as an Architecture draftsmen, and I have planned several wheelchair friendly malls, and bed and breakfast's and other venues.

and the world is slowly changing, but the change has to happen enmass and it will happen, just so slow we cringe at the slowness those of us working for the changes.When it came time for me to pass the helm, he was a natural choice.

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