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after looking through binoculars the shape was more defined like an oval and sometimes appeared to have television like stripes on the surface.

it changed in color from blue to green to violet and bright red or orange.

The photo has already been published in a book and shown in several major European galleries without complaint when it came to the eminent Rhodes Mann gallery in Shoreditch, east London in 2002.

Public outcry ensued in Britain and Scotland Yard threatened to charge the gallery’s director with the Obscene Publications Act.

The photographs depict her children Sonja, Linda, and Samuel as well as her grandmother, mother, partner and eventually her grandchildren.

Sometimes intruding, sometimes nostalgic, her photos capture utopian togetherness and lack of privacy in our simple everyday life.

the cam was facing about 75 degrees up from the east horizon, at my home in san antonio,tx,78220. Headline #3: UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on 2017-12-12 – Disc like oval luminary that kept changing colors and pulsating Synopsis: I was at home and could see it outside my kitchen window.

it looked like a large star at first but more brilliant than usual.

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i ran down by the lake and it was like i was frozen in fear. suddenly a big group of extremely bright and colorful lights were casted right through my tent.Although her photographic vision was much hailed, Annelies Strba was widely criticized when she exhibited the above photo of her daughter naked in the bath.