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09-Sep-2016 06:58

An avid traveler who loved hunting and fishing with her two daughters, Dixie and Windermere, her home was engulfed by flames from the Atlas Peak fire last Sunday evening.She and her caretaker, Teresa Santos, 50, weren’t able to make it out.“My crew of eight deputies and detectives found Margaret in the ashes of her home,” he told the Sacramento Bee.“She’d sent me a pre-Halloween card 10 days ago.” On the card, Stephenson is pictured dressed as a member of the royal family. “She was a wonderful, delightful person,” Allman told the paper.In Sonoma County alone, authorities said, some 50 people were unaccounted for as of Wednesday night.Overall, 42 people have died in the fires burning across Northern California.“She’s going to be missed.” Garrett Angel Paiz Garrett Angel Paiz, 38, drove a water tender, a rig designed to bring water to the scene of a fire, when it went down an embankment Monday morning on the Oakville Grade in Napa County.Sally Lewis and Teresa Santos Sally Lewis, 90, moved to Napa after the 1991 Oakland Hills fire destroyed her Berkeley house.

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She’d worked in convalescent homes for years, but even after formally retiring, Ress would go door-to-door in an apron delivering Thanksgiving meals to neighbors who had no one nearby to celebrate with.“The house was completely leveled,” said her nephew Gabriel Coke of San Jose. But without electricity, there was no way to open the garage door.” Authorities identified Mc Reynolds in part through serial numbers from her double-hip replacement, Coke said.