Bruce campbells homosexual

04-Apr-2016 00:47

Now, we could take the films at face value assuming that Sam Raimi liked the plot of the original film so much, and enjoyed torturing star Bruce Campbell so thoroughly, that he felt the need to remake his first film. However, we are given a clue that there is something else going on on a deeper level.

While searching through the Necronomicon for the incantation that will send back the evil spirit to its own time, Annie and Ash happen upon a page bearing a picture of a man standing, arm raised up holding a chainsaw. He tells Annie that he feels as if someone has just walked over his grave.

As dawn breaks, Ash, the lone survivor, emerges covered in blood from the cabin.

But as Ash breathes a sigh of relief, having survived an encounter with the evil dead, we follow a remaining evil spirit through the woods, through the cabin, eventually running headlong into Ash himself as the camera fades to black.

However, the adventure (this time) does not take place in the cabin.

Ash must retrieve the Necronomicon and banish the evil dead by reciting the words: seems simple enough — it follows the formulaic plot employed by dozens of genre films: stick a group of twenty-somethings in a remote place and kill them off one by one.

And, as expected, Ash and his girlfriend are besieged by the spirits of the evil undead.

After beheading and dismembering his girlfriend, Ash is (eventually) joined by a different group of Red Shirts, including the archaeologist’s daughter, Annie, her assistant Ed, a hillbilly with a serious case of hyperhidrosis named Jake, and his too cute for this guy in real life girlfriend named Bobby Joe.

He seems to be repeating his life over and over (at least three times).

Luckily for Ash, this time he is not unarmed, and he slays the evil creature with a blast from his shotgun (his “boomstick”). Ash finds himself held captive by a medieval army, being led off to his death.

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