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Canon up to 5x06, *SPOILER* acknowledges the death, not explicitly, of a knight in 5x06. A new king rides through a village and finds a mother and son somewhat fascinating. Old feelings are stirred inside of Merlin as he sees the love of his life alive and well. When Dudley Dursley and his parents are forced to spend a year with-gasp! After years of being hidden, the Druid prince has run away… His rash actions nearly start a war, but there are worse dangers afoot, like Emrys not wanting to be Emrys anymore. The little redhead girl just happens to be what he wants the most. My first attempt at a fanfiction, in which Astoria meets Draco in a bookstore, and her family is not happy about it.The developing relationships might be enough to change the course of the future, as Merlin becomes a prince and Hunith almost a queen. A collection of unrelated drabbles and one-shots featuring various combinations of Weasley boys (and yes, occasionally Harry), with a side of any random member of the Weasley family. - witches and wizards, Dudley decides this is the opportunity to learn more about his apparently famous cousin. Took a while between updates, but the story is now finished! A boy called Arthur is kidnapped off the streets, and from that he finds out that people, places and events might not be what they seem.This is a story of scenarios...think of it as drabbles, but longer.I'm going to pretty much post all the one-shots I've written and also write more. Six months have passed by and life is anything but normal despite Arthur wishing it were.A certain group of Marauders find out about their game. With Voldemort attempting to return and a certain reincarnated prat, Harry's life at Hogwarts will get a lot more interesting. An ancient threat arises as a smuggler and a sorcerer join together, and an evil creature is released. But as a new prophecy is spoken Merlin must make a choice. No Slash)Ron Weasley is thinking about leaving the Aurors, but a nasty voice in the back of his head has him worried about making any changes in the life he and Hermione have worked so hard to build. Yesterday was torture, but Merlin would be glad to take that over this.Merlin and the others are faced with the kidnapping of Arthur's son while trying to save all of Albion. COMPLETE An anthology of intense 100-3000 word hurt / comfort stories featuring the bromantic friendship of Arthur and Merlin. Does he await the return of his king, or does he delve into a new world of magic? When he finally talks it over with Hermione, he realizes that change can be good - and that he's not the only one with something big on his mind. Running late with Arthur's breakfast and watching from the sidelines while Arthur trains his knights. He's just having a bad day, but a lot of mishaps, aches and pains will swiftly turn out into a very dangerous situation for all of Camelot - and especially Merlin.whump, angst, romance, drama, bromance...a bit of everything. Drama, angst, h/c, friendship, major Arthur whump, major Merlin whump, protective Arthur. A normal day, that is, until one of the knights challenges Merlin to a bet with serious consequences. (Takes place S3E13-S4E1.)The bond between the Once and Future King and Emrys incites the curiosity and awe of individuals, foes and friends, who cross paths with them.Mergana, Arwen, Many supporting characters based on myths and tales that tie into Arthurian era legends. What if instead of dying, the Killing Curse sends Harry two years into the past into the Department of Mysteries? Merlin and Arthur don't escape after bringing down the roof on Morgause and Cenred. This is a look through the eyes of strangers who are marked by their encounters with Merlin and Arthur. Merlin discovers that when Kilgharrah arrives with a cryptic message and a rather blunt explanation.

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The threats to Camelot just keep coming, and Merlin is feeling drained. By the end of their sixth year, Lily's relationship with James has completely changed - they're not friends, but they're not not, either. Arthur, King of Camelot has just abolished the laws against magic and is holding a tournament to decide the new Court Sorcerer. Many thanks to Spangley Pony for suggesting that I write this!And it isn't long before Arthur becomes suspicious. "I think it's time for a little entertainment," the sage queen mused, her eyes twinkling with mischief. But when Caerleon's champion is revealed to be a powerful sorceress, Merlin must once again take on the guise of Emrys to fight for Camelot, and find out just how much he's willing to sacrifice for his friends. They are dragged to a castle in the middle of the forest to meet the queen of a strange people. Target practice is one thing but tracking practice on a snowy day is rediculous! The archer, standing in the shadows, lowering his bow after his shot went amiss. When Arthur was born Ygraine didn't die and magic was never outlawed. Meanwhile Merlin is worried about Gwen's sad mood lately and Gwen knows more than she's letting on. The dark loose hanging hair was decorated with strawberries. He said he had stories no one else did." Guess who? Arlin Slash A series of letters sent between two people who have never met before.Two red-headed boys are rolling around on the floor, punching each other for all they're worth, and they're shouting at each other with absolutely identical voices. "I would love to see your fool perform." Annis smirked at Merlin. After being attacked by a mysterious group of men Merlin finds himself the captive of the beautiful, sharp toothed Lady Ravana. Set after Gwen's crowning, but before Mordred's arrival and Elyan's death. What happens when it starts snowing in earnest and Arthur and the younger knights loose Merlins trail? Arthur looked up at the sky, trying to hide his wet eyes. And the archer's arrow, clearly meant for Arthur, now buried in Merlin's chest. However, an evil sorcerer seeking revenge against Uther, vows to exact vengeance by taking the life of the prince. Arthur and the Knights have gotten themselves kidnapped. - "Arthur," Merlin growled as he trudged on, "If you're not dead by the time I get there, I might just have to kill you myself! He smiled at that, nobody apart from the two of them, knew exactly why she had insisted on that. A genius scholar and a rich boy with a hidden talent. Dear New Penpal, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.But things are only about to get worse after a trip to the vaults with Gwaine comes with unintended consequences. Just as the new Court Sorcerer gets settled in, he's sent on a quest! She's still trying to work out what this means, when a series of deaths irrevocably change their relationship once again... This is not a very original original idea, but it is an original story. Full summary is not inside-you're going to have to read and see:) Not slash and rated T because of paranoia. Magic-users come from all around , including a mysterious man who hides his face in a cloak and calls himself King of Druids. "Merlin, what hap-" Arthur's eyes darted around, instantly taking in what had happened. Arthur, Gwen, Gwaine, Leon, Lancelot, Percival, Elyan, and Giaus get sent to the past to watch Merlin grow up. Rated for later battle scenes and possible minor language. But you can feel the flames licking at your feet, burning through your shoes. You can still feel the flames eating at you."Are you serious? " Merlin's voice wavered, tears threatening to spill over onto his fair cheeks.

Merlin's secret suddenly becomes that much harder to keep. Strength, Courage, and Magic are sent to the Perilous Lands by the Lady of the Lake. / For glowing-neons Merlin gets fed up of polishing, and just uses magic. Merlin subsequenstly falls out of the window, makes life hectic and bashes up a load of evil sorcerers that found the way into the throne room... Could be considered slight crack at times, no pairings, bromance, bamf and Gwaine get's green hair. When Arthur, Leon, Elyan, and two other Knights are led into a trap and captured on Caerleon territory, Gwen is prompted to invoke the right of single combat. Merlin, Arthur, and Gwaine have been captured while sneaking in a forest. Dedicated to Captain Ozone Two weeks to the day since Arthur and Merlin regained Camelot, and Arthurs back to being a prat! The enemy queen with her hand still outstretched to shake Arthur's. While the Knights, Arthur, Gwen and Giaus watch Merlin grow up, he watches Arthur try to fit in the role of Prince Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. The knights are debating who Gwen's best friend is but is it really one of the knights at all? Arthur grinned wide as he stepped towards Merlin, grabbing his shoulders in a strong grip. You'll never have to hide again." Arthur has called an impromptu meeting of the Round Table, what could he possibly want? If only she could be as reckless, and self-assured as James Potter and his friends. Follows the plot of the tv show with this one critical change. But when he agrees to carry a passenger - for a fee, of course - his life takes a rather interesting and wholly unexpected turn, and the past may be about to catch up with him. A collection of oneshots of various lengths focusing around our dear warlock and the trouble he gets into. Looking to use Arthur and the knights as much as possible in these stories."His pulse has sky-rocketed, his heart thudding as fast as a rabbit's; but at the same time there's a strange giddiness beyond the panic, something delighted and freed, and Merlin wonders if this is what truth feels like." A series of magical reveal one-shots. The warlock takes drastic action, risking his health and ability to respond when crisis strikes. The Weasley siblings got inked together for Fred after the war.