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17-Jul-2016 03:15

Just as we are finally moving away from portraying heterosexual relationships as the default norm in story-based games, so too can we move away from the staid portrayal of monogamy as the only option.

But this is also a very preliminary first step, and if developers want to really explore polyamory, there are plenty of interesting routes they can take that will generate realistic conflict and even interesting new game mechanics.

Further, it’s possible that polyamory was a natural outgrowth of the diffuse nature of the game’s companions.

Unlike Bioware RPGs, where the companions form a tightly knit fellowship around the player character and are geographically centered (on a ship or an encampment following the player across the gameworld), When you’re off adventuring with one of them, you can pool the remainder at a single settlement, but there’s little meaningful interaction between them.

Falling in love with Specialist Traynor or Kelley Chambers is quite fun and fascinating, but in spite of being mutually exclusive with all other romance options, they lack the sheer depth of Shepard and Liara’s trilogy-spanning love affair.

More than once me and my queer gaming friends have said “why do we have to choose?

Contrast this again to the Bioware standard, where interactions among the companions are very well scripted and display clear, extensive mutual development among the characters.

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Make no mistake: this is a watershed moment in mainstream gaming, and it is very much worth celebrating.

Before you approach, equip any high Charisma items you have in your inventory, like Agatha’s Dress or Reginald’s Suit or use Charisma boosting meds like Daytripper (which is particularly helpful because it also enhances Luck, which Magnolia seems to respond to). Tell her how much you enjoyed her song and she will light up and become excited.

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